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Kindly help a poor distressed Dogwood Tree

We planted this small Dogwood in the middle of the lawn back in Spring 2017 to replace a giant oak fell and left a major gap in the ground.

In Speing 2020 we set down sod and landscaped the fron yard so the landscaping company had to move the tree a little. They dig it up and transplanted it.

It did not take the move well and it began to suffer during the next season in 2021. Several branches dried up and we almost thought it was dying. But it did not. This year it grew new shoots, especially at the base, and I snapped off the dried branches. Now it still looks shabby overall and more like a long, thin thing.

One of the problems that it seemed to have even before the transplant in 2021 was that the leaves always seemed to get scorched in the summer. This summer was no exception.

Maybe it gets too much sun in the middle of the lawn?

Based on these pictures, what advice would you have for us going forward so we can get it back in shape? Thank you so much!

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