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Best time to move a clematis?

north53 Z2b MB
2 months ago

I’m trying to decide what would be my best chance of success in moving a clematis. According to what I’ve read spring is best. However, clematis is very iffy in my zone and I’ve found they come up very late in the season. I was excited when this one finally came up this year and is now blooming well. However, it is in such a stupid spot, I can’t even see it unless I walk to the back of the yard. I really would like to move it now, but don’t want to attempt it if it’s the worst time to do so. The variety is Polish Spirit and was planted in 2019.

If you think I’d kill it by trying to move it, I’ll leave it where it is. We usually get snow by the end of October, so there’s not much time for it to settle in. I’ve probably just answered my own question!

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