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Losing my mind over cabinets...

Max Farrar
2 months ago

I really need some help here... very stressed. We have a large kitchen + dining room + 9ft bathroom vanity + laundry room that we are doing cabinets for. Our contractor was hoping to have them within the next three to four weeks. We have gone to multiple kitchen cabinet stores near us, and all of them constantly dicked us around for three weeks now. We finally got one fully designed yesterday (it's Diamond cabinets from a dealer), and while it looks great, the quote is about $55k. As far as I know, we aren't needing crazy custom sizes. The only weird thing is that we need a custom panel for the fridge (which Diamond offers), but if we can get hold of the exact paint, our contractor is a good woodworker and can make panels.

We don't need absolutely amazing cabinets - we just want full overlay shaker, and we want it to be delivered without crazy issues.

We've already considered IKEA but they are constantly out of stock of boxes and hardware. We are looking at Fabuwood but while they've apparently to the US now, I see a ton of terrible reviews mixed with a ton of great reviews, and feel very unconfident about what to expect.

Can anyone suggest a solid cabinet company that has a relatively quick lead time? Is Wolf decent? Assembled would be ideal but at this point, anything goes.

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