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Bathroom pendant lighting

2 months ago

Hubs and I recently bought our first fixer. We're on a shoestring, retirement budget, so DIY or repurposed thrift purchases, that kind of thing, is almost the only way to go. Especially since we know that at some point, we're going to have to spring for some serious kitchen and laundry upgrades.

This is not that day.

The bathroom lighting is this day. Fortunately, I can live with the light in the MBath, but the hall bath is horrendous. I mean, awfulness heretofore unexplored! So I've been trying to brainstorm with me, myself and I and know the following:

I do not like the look of the boxy light covers you can DIY. No offense to those that do, just not my thing (with the caveat that maybe I just haven't seen one I like yet - not close minded on that.)

I do not like bare bulbs.

I do not seem to be able to find any way to up-do the existing shade, but am open to ideas.

Our style is vintage, rustic Americana with a bit of farmhouse thrown in. The bathroom will be a little more sleek, but I would still like that element. So, for instance, the sink features are going to have that vibe. Probably in brushed nickel.

I am seriously considering a single pendant light. We don't have guests, so we don't need to make this bathroom light up like a dressing room. There is a window, so it's plenty bright, so I have no concerns about having enough lighting. I just want this thing gone, disguised, upgraded...whatever.

The first thing I'm running into is finding a bulb that is not bare, particularly in a rustic style, for inspiration. I wouldn't mind a frosted globe somehow, but I can't get my mind's eye on how to make that look like anything.

So, can anyone recommend a lighting site, or some good DIY blogs to look for ideas? Heck, just some different search terms so I don't keep getting the same ideas of the lantern shaped cage with an Edison bulb hanging down.

Also, what height should it hang at? We are tall. 5.7 and 6.1.

I'm not going to keep the medicine cabinet. I've already picked up a replacement mirror that's just a tad bigger than the medicine cabinet, but only barely. After I'm done with it, it will be with a simple, white frame that's about 1.5" wide.

Thanks in advance.

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