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Help with wall color in remodeled master bath

last year

We're getting towards the end of our bathroom remodel and have already had several design pivots. The overall feel is slightly mid-century. Here are the light fixtures, mirrors, and sink faucets that have not yet been installed:

The shower wall tile is a fairly bright, slightly warm white, with a black and white inset tile and the floor is charcoal grey. The shower will have a single pane of glass. The actual vanity is also still in flux - it is solid natural walnut, but we are not happy with the way heart and sapwood were combined so will be replacing door and drawer fronts with more consistently heartwood pieces (hence two missing drawer fronts in the photo - I took them to see if someone could create what we actually wanted).

My original intent was to paint the walls white and have the warmth and color be brought in with the wood vanity, occasional gold-toned accent, a large piece of art over the tub, and possibly a rug as well.

The countertop was installed yesterday and is reading a good deal warmer than I had originally planned, so my wall color options need rethinking. It seems there's no light grey/white color I can do that won't make the countertop look dingy, so I keep gravitating towards dark - like match-the-floor dark. My husband is gravitating towards incredibly vibrant - think rich emerald/peacock green types of colors. We need help!

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