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Strangest issue with vibrating noise and a computer

Daniel Luszcz
6 months ago

I have an office in a bedroom where my computer equipment is set up. On the other side of one of the walls, is the living room. Since we put together all the office equipment in the office, we have something that is hard to describe.

When I'm on the computer for 5 or more minutes, I can stand up, approach the doorway, and then there is a vibrating high pitch sound in the living room. The sound is like a drum cymbal that lasts for about 2 seconds and seems to be coming from a corner of the living room that is along the shared wall and the exterior wall. I have become more successful in replicating this sound on command, but we have no clue what the source is.

I have swapped out power strips. I have introduced a 2nd power strip and moved it to another outlet. Same result. We have shut off the microphone on the computer. We have pushed down the pop up camera on the computer. This does not occur when the computer is off. So we believe that the computer is the source. As to how the sound gets from the office to the living room, that is the million dollar question. When we put our hands to the wall during this sound, nothing is felt. The only common denominator right now is the computer being on when this occurs.

Anyone experience anything close to this? This is very strange to me.

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