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Hosting an engagement party...

2 months ago

This is going to be long, please bare with me.

One of our daughters is about to become engaged, unbeknownst to her. Her intended came and asked for our blessing, which I thought was very sweet. He has also enlisted the help of her twin sister in putting together a little celebration after.

For clarity I will call the daughter who is to be engaged A and her twin sister B. They are mid-twenties, as are all their friends.

We are going to host a small party at our home once he has popped the question (there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she will say yes.)

Just me, my DH, A & her intended, B and her SO and two of A’s best friends and their SO’s, so 10 people.

B wants to take the lead on food and decorations, which is fine with me because she knows her sister better than anyone.

Apparently we will have a Prosecco tower, which will be taken care of by B’s SO.

B wants a “grazing table.” I said that’s fine but since the party will start about 5 and go until 9 or so, I feel we need something somewhat substantial for the 5 grown men that will be in attendance.

So far we have agreed on a meat/pickles/ olive board, a fruit and cheese board and a smoked salmon/cream cheese/onion/capers board to serve with slices of bagel. (This is a nod to the suddenly popular butter boards, the idea of which I don’t care for.) And a cake, small and elegant. I have made many celebratory cakes and feeI comfortable making it.

I feel we should have some sort of sandwiches or something heartier but in keeping with the grazing theme. I have thought of mini croissants with maybe a curried chicken salad filling and/or 3” pieces of baguette with some meat and cheese (maybe muffaleta?,) although that may be too similar to the requested charcuterie board. Maybe gougeres with a filling?

Decorations sound easy, B says just fall flowers and lots of candles.

Open to any and all suggestions, except soup - don’t want to go there.

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