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Live Slab Modern Fireplace Surround - Cool Idea?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Respectfully, please don’t auto-ignore my question/OP to suggest radical/expensive alternatives.

In terms of cost, we’re limited; however, we only need to cover cost of material + wood working prior to install.

We’d like to take our existing fireplace and make it appear that a giant piece of walnut wood is growing up towards the mantle as the fireplace surround. Keeping the white brick in the middle.

Current Photo of Fireplace:

Here’s the concept, but imagine this look, with one single slab instead of individual boards.

To minimize costs (because a single slab large enough would cost a fortune), we would use do two pieces on each side (grain going vertical), and in the middle, glue other pieces, match the grain up, so it looks like one slab.

Fireplace us Aprox 6.5ft and mantle would be 4.5ft. Also, we would do a thick mantle. That said, we don’t want it to look rustic either.

Feedback on my idea?

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