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Stain options 3 types of wood and one huge staircase?

2 months ago

This is a weird one.
We are refinishing most of the wood flooring in our home. Which should be easy, but we have 3 different types of wood, and at some places you can see all 3 types at the same time. We have white oak in our kitchen that we aren't touching, red oak on our stairs/landings/one hallway, and maple in hallways/living room/bedrooms/laundry.
Would you try to match it all, knowing that it can't match exactly because of the wood differences, or try to deliberately make it different? Right now the red oak and maple is mostly stained a REALLY terrible shade of red/orange. We are also going to be painting all the trim and doors.
Should we paint the spindles? Stain the banisters a different color? It’s so much wood. I like the look of black banisters and Newell posts, but this stairway gets almost no light.
I'll attach photos of my messy, chaotic, weird house. It starts in the white oak kitchen that we aren't refinishing , then moves to the red oak stairs. At the bottom of the stairs (where you see the rug) it's maple. The landing and bedrooms you see are also maple, but then the third landing you see is back to red oak. I don't know what the previous owners were thinking.
Any and all help appreciated 🥴

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