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Demo old home, keep existing slab as crawl space?

last month

We purchased an older home in SE Michigan that was a rennovated version of frankenstein's monster, a labrynth built on a slab on grade. Certain sections need regrading/improved drainage after 40 - 70 years of life in the clay, but the slab looks in really good shape.

We are downsizing and would like to build a house that is half the size. We want to explore using the existing slab as a crawl space and building around/over the top of it.

Plumbing is in the slab and seems to working fine, and the new plan has plumbing in similar locations to the old. HVAC, electrical, data and gas are currently routed through the ceiling.

Can we build new foundations in and around the slab? Our previous house had a cement crawl space under a new extension and it was super convenient. I like the idea of elevating the house a few feet above grade to improve water shedding.

Also could the freshly exposed sections of the slab be used for paving, parking spaces?

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