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Tiling over very large brick fireplace?

Amy King
2 months ago

We have a 70's style ranch house with a very large floor to ceiling fireplace that is the focal point of both our entry way and on the other side, our sunken living room (yay 70's). When we bought this house it was a very traditional 70's red/brown brick and I have since painted it a neutral pink shade. I like how it looks currently, but am also toying with the notion of tiling over the brick. I have a lot of experience tiling so I would do this myself and while it will take a lot of tile, the work is not a huge concern to me. I would follow the pattern of the existing brick and would lay the tile directly over the current pattern. I have used this exact tile on our dining room bar and it matches the size of the brick perfectly.

So my questions - structurally, is this wise? Will the added weight be too much? Should I just leave it alone? My husband thinks this is a silly endeavor but is ok with me doing it if I want to.

Doesn't it seem like walking in to a beautiful glossy fireplace "wall" would be more aesthetically pleasing than the brick?

I am attaching photos of the view from the living room and entry way as well as the tile that I want to use.

sunken living room

entry way

tile inspo

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