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Yet another quartz countertop seam question…

C Roy
last year

We’re in the process of getting our kitchen redone after a flood. Yesterday the designer/project manager sent us a picture of the kitchen…. Only for us to be extremely disappointed when we saw the seam (see photos). There never was any discussion about seams or seams placement (and she asked us about EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE detail).

She claims that because of the telecom and electrical wires that can’t be moved (condo rules), they had to work around, and that was their solution. While I’m not an expert enough to criticize the seam for placement, I do think that the seam itself seems very badly made… look like a tile grout line.

Question 1) is the seam good or bad? Should one expect the seam to be THAT visible?

Question 2) she’s offering to do one with the seam as a diagonal near the wall (where she placed green tape) and then there would be a little rectangular piece (green tape also) that would have to be added with two small seams to finish wrapping the column. Does that make more sense? (Though really if the seam looks that obvious I don’t know if placement will make a huge different!

Help, and thanks!!!

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