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Any suggestions for awkward entry area?

2 months ago

Bit by bit, I have been remodeling my 30yo mostly-contemporary-but-not-totally house in a rural/mountain setting. I am currently getting the windows replaced, and I want to do the entry door next. The porch, however, is just weird. There are two doors and a full-size window that looks like maybe used to be a door? and they realized it was on the wrong side? I don’t really know, just making up things, but it is just awkward.

Photos are taken at various stages of remodeling and experimenting with paint and contact paper to try and figure out some things. I had considered adding a double door, or at least centering an entry system with sidelite(s), but then realized that from the inside, you would mostly be looking out into the other door, plus moving electric, etc … no huge deal, but not sure it would be worth the effort.

So now I think I just want to replace the front door as it is, and maybe frame in most of that other window and leave perhaps an awning window for light. The other door goes into the garage. It’s metal, and I don’t really need to replace it except for aesthetic reasons. (The entry door is dying, needs to be replaced for sure.)

So if anyone has an idea about making it look less like ass, I would love it! I want to keep glass in the door for light, and views, and I would like wood to warm things up a little. (Would be interested in adding other wood accents around, as well.)

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