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Exterior Paint Ideas

2 months ago

Hi all,

I am considering having my exterior painted, the trim needs it anyway as it's chipping which got me thinking about the rest of the exterior.

Idea 1. Just paint trim, nothing else

Idea 2. Paint trim, have shutters removed and those awful house numbers and new coat of fresh paint on the front (as close match as possible to the existing because I don't mind the color and that way I don't need to do the sides or back.

Idea 3. Do everything listed on Idea 2 plus paint the brick - maybe a darker hue of the gray house paint? (I'm prepared for all the pushback on maintenance of painted brick - this is such a small brick space and I'm just getting ideas)

I tried playing around on the BM color visualizer but it doesn't let me eliminate the shutters so anyone who has time to do a quick mock up of any of these ideas I would really appreciate it!


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