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How do I perform a reduction cut on the trunk where branches are thin?

I inherited trees from the previous owner, and I am not looking to replace them right now.

Tree: Coastal live oak
Goal: reduction cut to remove tallest 1/4th - 1/3rd branch/trunk.
Issue: Branch thickness is too small compared to trunk thickness. Same issue with a couple of other branches. It is my understanding that when performing a reduction cut, the smaller limb should have at least 1/3rd the thickness of the limb you are going to cut. My concern is if I cut a thick branch/trunk, a smaller limb might not become a leader from the cut area, and instead, shoots will grow from the cut.
How do I handle this?

More detail:

1A. I want to remove the main branch; the 4.14 inch in diameter.

1B. Has 4 branches. I want to cut the two biggest ones; 3.67inch diameter of the biggest branch, and the 2.7 inch diameter of the second biggest branch.

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