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A Year Later and I’m Buying the Individual Acorn Soup Tureens

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Some of you with long memories (and a penchant for unnecessary concerns over dishes) may remember that last year I lusted after individual covered soup bowls shaped like acorns. These were a long discontinued item from the now defunct Pier One and I was able to procure only one—-thankfully, as it was expensive and when it arrived i was horrified at how large it is . I decided this year to collect similar, smaller ones sold by Williams Sonoma and other makers. So far I have these two in hand and two in transit.

I’ve found a couple of pumpkins that would fit in, and am bidding on these (also WS)

and as yet don’t have 8 I need as a minimum for Thanksgiving dinner. Question: should I stick with the vegetable category of covered bowls or does the fact that i still have a few more yet to collect mean I can branch out to turkeys and squirrels? i found this one that i think is totally adorable

But—- truth time. Is this starting to look like a swap meet? An ”I’m shopping on ebay and I can’t stop” moment? I will be using these with Friendly Village dishes. unless it is just too busy, in which case I have creamy white dishes I can use.

The one i have from last year is much too big to use for soup for anyone except possibly Hagrid

I will use it for gravy, I think, or cranberry sauce.

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