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Etsy plant graft question

'Black Widow' from Etsy.

I have had more trouble with this thing- all tiny leaves kept dropping (and forming and dropping etc. etc.) due to the spider mites it came with.

I got rid of those and think I have it mostly figured out but have a question about that graft.

Is this normal or sloppy?

Because it looks sloppy/not ready to sell but it's my first grafted Adenium and I know nothing.

It's OK to make fun of it if it's as terrible looking as I think it is.

Will it ever be attractive?

Is there anything I can do to make that graft look less... abrupt for lack of a better word?

And my real question- should I remove that rootstock sprout?

How about this tiny flower cluster on the upper portion- is this plant even ready to support flowering or will removing them do more harm than good?

Mainly just wondering if I should remove that rootstock sprout, but any care suggestions would be welcome.

It's in a fast draining mix indoors under T5 lights. I started it outdoors but it struggled so badly with spider mites I brought it in about a month ago. I inspected the roots at that point and there was no rot. I may have hit it with quarter strength Foliage Pro a time or two while it was outdoors, nothing since I brought it in.

If it is aesthetically hopeless please say so and maybe recommend a vendor?

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