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Repair Rat Slab for Finished Floor Or Start New?

last month

Hi all,

The first level of my two story home (it's a first level, not a basement) has a very thin (1/2-1in) thick rat slab that is pretty beat up. It's uneven, has some serious cracks, and even a few large holes where the underlying gravel and dirt is exposed. My question is, I want to finish the first floor of the home and I'm wondering if I can somehow fix up the rat slab so I can lay a finished floor on top (likely large format tile) or do I need to start over and pour a whole new slab?

I guess another option is to frame out a floor, but that seems like much more work in my opinion than pouring a new one and I'm not sure how I'd support the framed out subfloor either. Happy to hear everyone's thoughts on this though if you think it would be the better route.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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