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How to Renovate

Den Den
2 months ago


We’ve been in our home for about 6 years and at that time of purchase we were set with only 2 kids. Then, I had a baby fever and added 2 more babies back to back. Now, we are thinking of remodeling the house and extending the home to add 2 more bedroom and a mother-in-law suite. We thought about selling the home and just move in to a bigger place but the cost of the homes now, HOA, high taxes, small backyards, no drive-thru access, etc. etc. just might not be a good option for us right now.

I have no idea about renovations or remodeling. Finding contractors, city approval, blue prints, etc. etc. No clue at all! Anyone can give me tips and ideas where to start, recommendations, how to proceed, any personal experiences that can help us?

Thank you.

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