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Cushing disease

2 months ago

Anyone had a pet with that disease? We took Nala in to the ER vet the night of 19th when she kept vomiting and there was blood in her urine. They put her on antibiotics for a week. She was getting better we thought, but blood is back. Today she saw her regular vet and she thinks it might be Cushings. Doing blood and urine tests for just that. She said we should do a $600 ultasound. I said wait and see what the lab tests say. We already paid $800 to the ER vet for basic tests, including culture urine one, and a quick ultrasound which showed nothing. Nala is 10 or 11, Dachshund mix and has had no health problems in the 2 1/2 years we have had her.

Thanks for any information.

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