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Hurricane: New High Rise or 10th Floor Older Apartment?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Not sure who to ask this question, so here goes.

DD lives on the 25th floor of an 80 floor building that is about 5 years old, directly on the Atlantic, with floor to ceiling windows in every room—except for a good sized closet (with a door) that leads to bathroom (with a door), so 2 doors there. Plus a powder room with a door.

Her BF is in an older (15 YO?) building, 3 blocks inland, on the tenth floor. Smaller windows, but walls are mostly windows nonetheless, it's got an open loft. Closet and Bath are small, but are inside rooms with doors.

Where would you rather be? Ian is supposed to pass them by (Miami area) but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.


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