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Premature hard pruning due to cane borers

There I go again in Novice mode, hardly "Artist." :)

I noticed today that a few of my bushes had holes in previously pruned canes. I kept cutting down and the damage kept going. One of them took it all the way down to to the bud union which made me wonder if that rose (Dick Clark) is doomed, despite nice blooms even with over half defoliation; the latter I had attributed it to black spot. There were several canes with holes but the others did not go all the way down. I ended up pruning the living lights out of this bush and now it looks like a radical pruning in the winter. I sealed the freshly pruned canes.

I had never taken the advice about sealing pruned case with Elmer glue seriously. I thought along the lines of "it won't happen," irrationally so, obviously.

In early spring there will be one more task to add - the sealing of freshly pruned canes.

Now I wonder what will be the consequence of this early / out of season hard pruning.

Thank you all!

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