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Request for advice: finish on custom kitchen cabinets

Andrea Findley
2 months ago

About four years ago we worked with a great design/ build company to remodel our kitchen. We for stained maple custom cabinets. About a year ago we noticed that the finish was chipping off, especially on the cabinet faces near the sink/dishwasher area. The maker of the cabinets came to look at them and said it’s all due to water damage… that this is normal in a house where the kitchen is used a lot.
Although ok it makes sense that the issue is water damage due to droplets getting on the cabinets when we reach from the sink to our towel, or put away a dish that is not bone dry, I am kind of amazed that such beautiful custom cabinets would not be more durable. I have owned a number of homes and have never seen this issue, despite the same use of a kitchen. So I am at a loss at what to think about this. Hoping someone here might have some perspective.

The cabinet maker said that he could refinish them but my fear is that the same thing will happen within a few years time. So the question I have is if this is considered normal wear and tear or if there is a different finish that should be suggested. Or??

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