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Well, the verdict is in on Moses' roses regarding black spot.

Moses, Pittsburgh, W. PA., zone 5/6, USA
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I promised I would give a report on my roses regarding their black spot resistance, so here goes.

Remember, this year, 2022, I did not foliar spray any fungicide, nor apply any fungicide granules to the soil for a systemic approach for fungus control...nothing at all.

I cannot imagine a rose garden more beset by black spot than mine. The black spot pressure in my garden here in Pittsburgh, zone 6b, is intense every year.

I'm on a campaign of replacing all my black spot prone roses with new roses, those that I have enough confidence in through researching them as thoroughly as I can that they will live up to their accolades.

The winners are these roses. They are equal in being virtually black spot free with either no blackspot what so ever or less than 10% defoliation. No vigor loss was observed all season long.

Bliss Parfuma, Wedding Bells, South Africa, Pinkerbelle, Apricot Candy, Sweet Drift, Double Pink Knock Out, and White Knock Out.

These are keepers, but had about 10% defoliation. The defoliation did not effect their performance.

Poseidon, Apricot Drift, Popcorn Drift, Moonlight Romantica, and Quick Silver.

These experienced 50% defoliation, which greatly affected their performance.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, Dee-Lish, Quietness, Lady Ashe, and Easy Spirit, They are, however, very free bloomers if sprayed.

The completely defoliating bunch of worthless roses are: At Last, Italian Ice, and the Austin, Scepter'd Isle.

My future plan of action is to remove the complete defoliaters. Return to spraying a fungicide mixed into my Imidacloprid insecticide spray routine. I am planning to renew spraying next year, 2023, since my 12 month soil drench of Imidacloprid which I applied this past spring was a complete failure in controlling the dreaded midge fly. My rose garden is 98% midged right now. Just Apricot Candy and the Drifts, are producing any appreciable blooms.

The 50% defoliaters are being considered for removal, even my Quietnesses.


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