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How to landscape a hill

Hire someone ! LOL. sigh sigh…DIY. First went wood chips and grass clippings then wait months til I I got my fence.

Get 2 cu yards ( 2 tons) of top soil

Scavenge cardboard boxes as curb finds

Wet earth

Lay cardboard , wind removes… repeat . repeat

Anchor cardboard with stakes and bricks

Wet cardboard

Spread top soil one shovel full at a time

Wet some more… repeat

Each fence section is 6 ft. Going to do one more for 42 ft today.

Will do last 42 ft Wednesday . Will water and add more stuff through Fall and plant in the Spring.

almost done for today

Wednesday’s project

The rest of the soil I will wheelbarrow around the yard filling low places. May need another 2 tons .

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