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Help! They can't find my front door!

mc toad
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We just bought a home on 20 acres. the driveway up leads around to the garage on the side of the house. There's a short path directly off the garage with a gate & fenced in area in front of the house to keep the dogs close to house. The problem, is no one ever comes to the front door. 2nd problem, is people don't know where or how to get to the front door. Even though there is a gate, it's not defined well and hidden if a car is parked by it (since a single garage is right next to path). we don't want to add a circular drive to the front of the house due to expense of it. another issue is people sometime go to the gate off the back deck thinking thats the front of the home. Most puzzling is that as you drive up our long driveway, you approach the front of the home, so it's suprising that people have trouble finding the front. We will be removing the evergreen tree in front of door and want to replace the fence with something nicer too. I'm looking for any suggestions that don't break the bank on how to better define our front entrance. I realize it is probably challenging with fencing being around it,
Important to note also, because we have a wrap around porch, even if we change fencing to the back of the house, we are challenged with having to figure a way to block the dogs from walking to the front door from wrap around deck. I'd have to create a gate on the deck essentially which I feel is odd. There are many stairs of back deck that the dogs would have to go down also (2 goldens, one is old). They aren't in the fenced yard all the time either.

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