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Any advice for cost effective updated exterior cladding solutions?

last year

We want to update our 1970's house exterior to increase curb appeal for resale so we are looking for a cost-effective solution that will give us a decent ROI and add some wow factor. We will also be redoing the landscaping including the front porch and walkway but that is another project.

The front of the house gets lots of direct sun and as a result the vinyl siding (formerly Sage) and shutters (formerly Black) have faded and the vinyl around the upper windows has gone from sable to a light brown. The Sage siding and Sable trim has not faded at the back of the house.

We have never liked the brick color and have considered painting it but don't know what color would go with the siding. We would also paint the trim around the windows to complement the new color scheme. Alternatively, we could leave the brick and paint the siding or reclad the front upper facade with stone veneer. There is some cracking in the brick over the garage door due to a sagging lintel so that brick may need to come down and we could replace it with an alternative cladding. We will also be replacing the garage door with a more contemporary one. The soffits, fascia and eavestroughs are a sable color similar to Behr Dusty Mountain although there is some fading of that at the front of the house. The roof over the bay window is copper with a natural patina.

Our budget is around $15k - 20k not including the new garage door or lintel repair.

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