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Pantry / Butlers Pantry Design Question

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Please help us with this design question for our butlers pantry / pantry location and entrances. Currently we have the below design with the pantry door entrance hidden to the main hallway and accessible only via the the butlers pantry hallway. The bar setup would be on the far left side adjoining the staircase.

We are proposing the following: First, move the pantry door to the main hallway (highlighted in orange) to make it more accessible via the kitchen. Secondly, switch the bar setup to the wall adjoining the pantry (highlighted in pink) and move the hallway closer to the staircase. Just flipping the sides around. This allows for the bar setup to be more visible from the dinette/family room.

The current cons are what kind of door is aesthetically pleasing enough to put in the main hallway and you lose a wall that you could potentially put art on. Any other cons?

Anyone have additional thoughts about the proposed move? Any cool ideas for barn door type doors to maximize pantry space inside? Maybe a door that could be a piece of art/unique?

adding the first floor plan to help get a better sense of the flow.



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