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Exterior color choices for 1860 farm house (now in a village...)

Mélissa Ducharme
2 months ago

We have to paint our bi-generation home ( really old aluminum sidings ). I like white houses but as you can see in the second picture, there's a looooot of snow here for 4-5 months a year so I would prefer a color that contrasts a bit more during the winter months.

So I'm looking for another color.

We will likely sell in a year or two. I heard lighter color are better to make the house appear bigger.

We thought about gray, blue, sage green,... for the sidings.

The windows would stay white (simpler) but I'm looking for another color for the porch, shutters, lattice. Depending on the colors of the siding, we thought about red to go with gray sidings or earthy brown to go with sage green.

Other ideas? Show me your non-white farmhouse please :) Thanks!

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