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To Front Porch Post...or to Not

a bibbs
2 months ago

My husband and I are trying to decide whether to keep a planned front porch post or not. Its not required that we have the post, and now that more of the house is complete we are second guessing. I think I prefer it without the post. My husband is thinking he wants the post, but also likes how it looks now without the post.
If we kept the post, it would be 8x8 wrapped and painted black.
We do have fairly large dining room windows next to the front door. The front door is also oversized at 36" with a 14" sidelite. The door will be stained dark walnut with a painted black frame. I'm a little fearful the post will detract/distract from the larger windows and door.
We love the mid century modern look, but Southern Ohio winters doesn't lend itself well to those type of roof lines, so we're trying to mesh those design elements with a farmhouse layout.
I've edited and drawn in where our post would go if we kept it. Thoughts are welcomed!

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