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I have lots of bulbs

And don't know what they are!!

We purchased our home in east central Illinois in January. It was a rental for many years and it was obvious that well-intentioned people lived here. They planted things then either moved out or ignored them.

I let things develop and sorta kept an eye on them. I have lots and lots of bulbs that were near the surface that sent up green leaves, but never bloomed. I dug them all out in late May and stored them on shredded paper in the basement.

They are cleaned up and ready to plant. I have to do that now, as I will have lower spine surgery on 10/5! 4" soil temp is about 68 with many cool nights coming up.

I have zero idea what most of these are as they did not bloom. My intention is to plant smaller bulbs in front of the larger bulbs and wait to see what happens. Again, I have an almost zero idea of what they are. There are more than 350 of them! Yep! A lot of digging.

I would appreciate any comments, tips, hints, or helping hands!!

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