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Need help deciding on a sofa for our lime green color living room

Athira R
2 months ago

Hi All,

I really liked the below olive green curved sectional sofa for my lime green living room wall (attached pics below). I also wanted to add yellow chairs (as shown below) along with new sectional and decorate sofa with yellow/green/white pillows..

I went with yellow accent chairs since my dinner room (which is adjacent to living) has mustard yellow accent wall color.

I am confused with this option since both my wall and sofa are green (but diff shades of green) and would love to hear your thoughts on helping me decide on this.. Thanks in advance!!

Yellow chair (accent) which i like to buy to match with olive green sofa:

My living room:

This photo is for reference and not taken in good lighting as well .. i will be removing the wall decor/photo frame + AC and add in decor to match with the sofa/chair.

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