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Cindy Everett
2 months ago

Hi, I need wood floor installation advice Please!

Our house has been under construction since January 2021. We had to switch builders at the 50% point. Long story. Our roof has been on and house fully enclosed since June 2021. The new GC took over in December 2021.

In April 2022 the new GC installed our 4" white oak floors. The floors were sanded and finished in August 2022 (4 months later ) with Bona during record humidity levels in NC (80- 90%) with no HVAC installed yet. Now within a week we noticed the floors cupping after being finished. The house has had the windows open during the daytime this summer. We asked the advice of a local contractor who said the floors should have been installed AFTER the HVAC and then finished. Prior to finishing the floors in August our current contractor told us he was attempting to get the electricity hooked up and HVAC to dehumidify the house prior to finishing the floors. When it was taking a 1-2 weeks to get the electric he stated he would run portable dehumidifiers 48 hours prior to finishing the boards because he wants to finish the house, finally. He decided not to buy dehumidifiers and just decided to proceed with finishing without doing any of the planned dehumidification. So here we are.

Now he says he has never had problems with his floor installations and cupping is normal for a natural product. The consulting contractor told us to fix the problem we need to get the HVAC installed and refinish the board humps when the humidity level drops in a month, or 2 weeks minimum. Our GC said he did not budget for this and was not planning to refinish our floors. He has just recently begun working regularly on our house. We've had to hear about how all his subs were being redirected to his other projects. Our house was clearly not priority so 50% completion has taken 10 plus months.

As a side note, during the Bona application, the installers noted cupping so severe that 15 boards had to be replaced at our expense. They also had to do extensive sanding on a "hump" in the bedroom. The GC called to tell us the subfloor must have gotten wet while under the old contractor.

We desperately want to move into our house asap. We are paying rent and mortgage and taking a toll It's been a year and 9 months and we have been living in a rental all that time. However I do not want to make the mistake of not getting a potential problem handled before we let this guy go. I doubt we will get him back to fix problems. Advice of any kind on proceeding with these floors is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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