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Suicidal Waterfall

Dear Potential Repair Customer:

You are the victim of catastrophic designer/fabricator/installer error. There was inadequate support of the mid span of your cantilever; the waterfall ends aren't enough. A 1" square tube metal frame should have been inconspicuously installed around the cooktop at a minimum.

For proof, simply place a straightedge from end to end and note the sag. It can even be seen with a ruler held over the picture. Gravity pulled the mid-cantilevered section down and away, causing the crack. If you pull the cooktop, you may not find the engineered stone manufacturer's specifications having been met with proper corner radii, removal of toolmarks, and rounding of top and bottom edges. Like Corian, raw edges create stress risers and stress risers create cracks especialy when tops are torqued as here. A too-large pan on the rear burner transferring heat may have contributed.

Yes, estone manufacturers allow up to a 15" unsupported cantilvever on 3cm, but not along this much span and particularly with a cooktop cutout. You have no valid warranty claim.

Unfortunately, there is no inconspicuous cure. The crack can be decontaminated and topically filled, but that won't be pretty and unless the cantilever is supported mechanically, any cosmetic repair will fail.

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