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Kitchen Seating Help

Jennifer Reynolds
2 months ago

I need help with our kitchen! We have this beautiful, huge kitchen in our new house in south Florida. I’m not ready to do anything major because I love it overall. But, I need seating and new lighting. I have 4 kids under 12, so I need durable, washable, functional items. Looking for 6 counter stools, 6 dining chairs plus two junior chairs for our 7’ dining table (I plan to keep that), and a small sofa and chairs and a small multifunction “coffee” table in the space where the two arm chairs are now. There is a door out to our patio/pool there. The kitchen is a large space with a lot going on. I am having a hard time transitioning from the shabby chic look the previous owners had to a cleaner, simpler look. Ideas and suggestions welcome, please!

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