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Roses For Trailing along Walls/Fences

I have a two-part question for you experienced rose gardeners. I thought of making two different posts, but decided to combine it in one. I mentioned before that my husband and I are slowly but surely building a rock wall around our yard. We have quite a bit finished and I am working at landscaping some of the new areas. I want to plant a number of climbing roses along this wall to climb over and trail along the top.

First question: which roses will have those nice lax, trailing stems that will work best for this? I don’t want climbers that are stiff and will have canes that shoot straight up like rockets. I have Ellie Beauvillain on order already as well as Florence Bowers Pink Tea. Can you help me with any others? Would Juane Desprez work well? Buff Beauty? I don’t have experience with any of these as yet. I’m pretty much open to any color, but they must do well in my climate. I’m zone 8 in Arizona around 4300 ft elevation. They will have a watering system.

Second question might be harder: how do I train them on a stone wall? I don’t want to drill into the mortar joints to install vine eyes for several reasons. Does anyone have experience with those glue-on wall anchors that you thread wires through? I don’t think they hold much weight but was thinking maybe they’re worth a try if I use strong construction adhesive versus the silicone glue they come with. And they wouldn’t need to hold much weight maybe because they would rest on the wall once they get higher? The wall is 4 ft high most places and 16 inches thick so it’s a pretty wide top to crawl along and give support once they reach that top of the wall. Or would I be better off pounding metal stakes close to the wall and attaching a cattle panel or some sort of metal trellis and attaching them to that until they reach the top?

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