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How Much $$ For Floor Plans???

Elizabeth Williams
7 days ago
last modified: 7 days ago


I Paid for a 3D CAD for a new Home, and it's great.

I was told that a 2D CAD of the Floor Plan must be a separate charge, because there isn't an easy way to convert the 3D model into a floor plan by simply clicking a button, that the designer/drafter must deconstruct the Entire model and essentially create from scratch.

I was told $3,000 is the price.

The home is 3,500 sq ft.

The wrap-around covered porch (huge) is 4,000 sq ft.

Is $3,000 a good price for just the 2D Floor plan? What did you pay for yours?

I paid practically the same price for the 3D of the house.

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