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Ventilation help for kitchen island

Mr. Why
14 days ago

I'm still in the designing phase (see attached) and the cooktop will be induction, ceiling height is 8' 4".

Ideally a 36" cooktop (thermador or miele), but that is negotiable...

For ventilation though things get tricky, especially after reading the input from @kaseki and others in past discussions...

- It seems like ceiling mounted hood will be useless in my configuration

- A island hood would work I assume. Like the variable height one Miele sells, but...

It gets complicated, because occasionally, I'll want to bring up one or two of these bad boys ( (krampouz electric crepes griddle) and I'd like some good ventilation for that.

Maybe I can oversize the hood and use something like the 54" Pro Island Wolf hood?

I also plan to have clerestories that open, maybe some can have active ventilation.

Any other idea?


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