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"styling" a bookcase

14 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

So we have an 8.5-foot-long bookcase, with a brass gallery and brass caryatids. We bought it at the storied ABC Carpet and Home for our first home, where we had a very large and wide 2nd floor hallway. It was perfect there.

It just fits here, and if I take it to Maine it will ruin my wall o' maps. But my DDs love it. Must be the caryatids.

Anyway, I am trying to "stage it." In so doing I realized we never touch these books because we do not reread books. I purged some, but honestly I could Marie Kondo and ditch 'em all. This surprises me.

Meantime, help me improve this. I can't see it anymore.

Before: (the scale was a random refugee from my Kk and does not belong)


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