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Dependable fur babies

11 days ago

It is interesting how life takes care of us. You may remember that Little Calico that lives under my daughter's deck let her know she needed help since the neighbor was no longer feeding her. Several days later, my daughter had to put Oliver/Ollie, the beloved cavapoo, down. He was beyond feeling his age.

Ollie was a great dog who understood English, cuddled the best, loved to fish, and had a passion for chasing balls. He loved the beach, the river, and the snow. He never left my daughter's side when she coped with health issues last year. The entire family- grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins feel so bad about Ollie.

Even though nothing will fill the space left by Ollie's loss, Little Calico fills the void a bit. Ollie never minded Little Calico, but she has been a very non intrusive cat. Perhaps Ollie sent a message to Little Calico to check in with his family from time to time when he was gone. And just like clockwork, Little Calico visits everyday. She shies away from my daughter but likes to eat her food next to my grandson.

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