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Feedback on range hood selection

last year

Been researching range hoods (including numerous posts on this board) until my head started spinning and am looking for feedback folks may have on the below.

We've got a 36" induction stove and looking for a 36x24x18 canopy hood to go with it. I would have loved to go with a 42" hood but due to cabinet placement, etc we're limited to the above. We cook most days but generally don't do a lot of searing. Hood will be vented through a 10" duct, straight up about 10-15' to the roof, and will need to have an internal fan. Based on these constraints, plus availability and a tight budget, I've come up with the following options:

1. Zephyr Tempest II (650 cfm): I can get a great deal on this, so it's definitely in the running but I'm a little unsure about the more horizontal angle of the baffles vs. other choices

2. Victory Hurricane (1000 cfm): I like that this has a more powerful motor and I think a higher gauge of SS, but same question on the baffles.

3. Bluestar PL36240 old model, same as this Prestige hood (600 cfm): I like the angles baffles (larger capture area?) and variable speed control, but this would be pricier and also a hassle to get shipped since it would be from a private party.

4. Zline 48836 or 68536 (700 cfm): This has the same baffle configuration as the above, which I think is hard to find. Attractive price point.

Does anyone have experience with any of the above? Am I missing anything? Is more cfm worth it in this situation? Am I making too big a deal out of the horizontal-ish baffles? And is it ok to use a 10" duct even for the 600 cfm fans? Thanks for your input!

(I also just want to say that I'm aware of MUA requirements, etc but want to limit the discussion to the hoods, since I'll have to deal with that regardless of the hood I go with.)

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