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Elkay Luxe Concerns

Gwen H
2 months ago

I have commented on a thread with this same question but posting here as well in hopes I get a some quick responses in one place or the other…
We are starting our kitchen renovation in a few weeks. I have chosen an Elkay Luxe sink in the Silvermist color. My son and his wife moved into a home a few months ago that has an Elkay Classic quartz sink. Since moving in, they now have a cloudy white stain in the faint shape of a circle, possibly a bowl that was sitting in the sink. They have tried all the recommended things to remove it but it’s not coming out. So now I am second guessing my sink choice and wondering if I need to switch to a stainless sink. Is it not ok to leave a dish in the sink when you are rushing out the door to work or having a midnight snack when you have a quartz sink? What kinds of things cause staining like I described above?

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