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Shed roof extension/support beams/old wall, when is it safe to remove?

Davin Brissor
last year

Hi folks. I had small shed attached to my house, and i built a lower, smaller lean to , attached to that first shed that came with house. So i decided that the 2nd shed was too low , roof needed to be raised and made both into one larger, shed. My question is, i added about 4 ft height to existing, smaller shed outside wall and matched the existing pitch/slope 3/12 , from the first shed attached to house. Is it ok to take the remaining 2 old outer wall studs/joists out, after ive secured each end with gallows support bracket about 3ft each . That allowed me to remove 3 of the joists but two still remain . Can i just join them together in middle of floor under old ledger/outside top plate.? Are those joists still considered structural, even though ive added a 3rd ledger board, with strong tie brackets and new rafters boards for the extension? i hope im not confusing anyone i just wanted to make sure i explained it right. Bear w me im new so i just want to find out whats safe not safe to do here. pics are the orig shed and the smaller lean to i added. Also the inside of the extended wall/roof to make unit a whole larger unit pic #1. is the first shed attached to house and 2nd smaller lean to i built. pic #2 is just a shot from side showing how far up i went and, slope pic #3 is inside w supports and whats left to re vamp still ? am i ok or should leave those 2 joist where they are? * pics are # 1, 2, 3..but they show 3, 2, 1 per order sorry and ty if anyone can help


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