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Fertilizer Injector

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Hello all,

I collect orchids and have a greenhouse full of them outdoors. I find fertilizing to be a hassle.

I would like something that just adds the right amount of fertilizer to my hose water without me having to think about it much. Something I could replace the contents maybe a couple times a month at most. I have had hose heads with mixing tanks before and did not like them too much because I found them to be fragile and cumbersome.

I would be hooking up whatever I get to where my hose connects to the outdoor water supply on the side of my house.

Here is a look at what I am working with in terms of my water infrastructure.

The pipe coming out of the house is maybe 3 inches long at best and barely comes out past the stone (the plus side is it’s too close to the house to freeze).

That pipe goes to the detachable splitter and the hoses. I wanted something that could ideally attach between the splitter and the hose.

I’m willing to spend up to a few hundred, but I cannot alter the plumbing coming from the house. Getting a plumber is definitely a hard “no”. What are my options? Some people suggested a Chemilizer like this one: Chemilizer. I do not know the first thing about these though.

Thank you.

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