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Wall mount pot filler dilemma - help needed

Tony P
2 months ago

My plumber is scheduled next week to install my Brizo pot filler above my oven. The rough-in was all done, but what we didn’t know precisely at the time was what the total depth would be once the backsplash tiles were in place. We estimated a 2-1/2” long 1/2” threaded nipple would be right. According to the Brizo people I spoke with, there must be a 1/2” protrusion of this pipe for correct mounting of the pot filler.

So the backsplash got installed Monday. The pipe does not protrude 1/2” as needed. It’s more like 3/8”. The guy I spoke with at Brizo said there is a risk of water leakage if there is not 1/2” available to seat the filler. As I suspect some of you may know, these nipples are typically only available in 1/2” length increments. So if what I’m told is correct, I’m stuck having to use a threaded nipple that will be 3/8” longer than necessary. My pot filler obviously won’t be sitting flush against the tiles. What options do I have?

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