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late summer flowers for arid climates and free draining soil

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have generally gone for easy-peasy annuals such as zinnia, cosmos, callistephus to brighten up my allotment beds in late summer. I have a whole heap of tender sages, dahlias, alstroes and the like, in my home a greenhouse for winter storage, so extending the season is easy. At the (much bigger) allotment, it is all a bit more hurly-burly and does not involve cold weather protection, lifting or storage. so I have been somewhat limited to dahlias (which I leave in situ) and verbena (obvs). This summer was a complete disaster. Even though the cosmos are finally doing their stuff, tithonias had to be pulled, along with all the sunflowers. I am now at a loss what to grow which will cope with low irrigation, to see me through September and October. All the usual monkshoods, rudbeckias, asters, phlox are a washout (dryout?) Any suggestions how I can make my allotment more enticing?

How about chrysanthemums? I don't much care for enormous show mums but I do like some of the single Korean types. Have never grown them though. Possibility?

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