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Any concrete contractors here?

2 months ago

I had some concrete poured, stamped and dyed (brown), and the finished product came out with a very chalky look. The concrete guy (a concrete contractor I hired to just do the pour- I did all the prep work) said that it would come off with a pressure washing, but the pressure wash had no effect on it. I don't know if the dye was bad or if it's the result of error on the part of the concrete guy. At this point, I'm not interested in pointing fingers, I'm interested in rectifying the issue. Is there anything that can be done, like applying a dye to the service of the concrete? The work was done about 8 months ago and I want to spray a sealer on it, but don't want to apply the sealer if a coating of stain to the surface might correct the issue (I would seal it after the stain is applied) When the concrete is wet, it looks better than in the photo (if the sealer was applied, it would appear similar to what it looks like when it's wet).

I'm hoping to get a response from someone with a lot of concrete experience, instead of speculation from people that have never worked as concrete contractors.



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