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Questioning "Common Knowledge"

CA Kate z9
2 months ago

I always totally bought into the theory that the parent plant will be true, but maybe not the seeds; cross-pollination won't effect the original fruits/flowers/etc.

As you may know I have 4 Griller Zucchini and several rampent squash/pumpkin vines named Marquis de Provance that have taken over the garden/side yard. These vines are everywhere and are also clamboring over the zucchini pots.

The zucchini were as they should be pre-August; they took a break in August; and are now back to growing fruits. But.... they aren't what they were pre-August/pre squash vines. Now they are shaped more like a Butternut Squash and get ripe at more like 4"x2" instead of 6"x 3". They are also different inside: more dense, fewer seeds, and taste milder than before. They do cook the same.

So, like the questions on several other threads, is the fertilization of the zucchini by the squash effecting the zucchini fruits' growth habits? Having seen this for myself, I'm now questioning the "Common Knowledge".

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