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Window Treatment Advice: High Windows Above Bed (Guest Room)

Sharon Sheldon
14 days ago

Looking for a solution for window treatments here. This is a small guest room that is in the process of being redone (painting and ceiling and fan/light is done, flooring will be refinished to a light matte look in October). The house is a 1987 build and is on a small lake. This room has a lake view so I don't want to cover the windows full time, but I would like to have something for guests who want to darken the room. My first thoughts were roman shade or cell shade. But I never trust my tastes because I don't have any. :)

We are renovating this house to give it a casual feel and furnishings will be simple, along the lines of mid century.

We got different openers for the casements so the cranks aren't an issue in figuring out window treatments. I think I would prefer some sort of blinds but that's where I'm stymied - individual ones with one large valance or one large blind? The middle window does not open but I can't envision a scenario where you'd want to draw a blind on one window only, given their location. I can't get past that this wall reminds me of garage doors we had years ago...

Ceilings are 8 ft, the width of the windows total 124 inches. The room has no other windows; just these three. I'm thinking I'll put a higher headboard under these windows. I could fit one up to 51 inches in height there to fit under the windows.

Any creative ideas for window treatments that don't need to be taken down and laundered on a regular basis (hey, I'm retired! LOL)?

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