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Orders, orders, several orders

2 months ago

I have only daylily that is continuing to bloom now : Marseilles Watercolor.

I received my order from Blue Ridge today, Bob Selman does always send nice plants and today was no exception, Healthy, green, extra fan and a nice bonus Frog Prince.

Tomorrow another order arrives and a one plant order from the auction. I will be quite happy to get thee new ones in pots. I have planted all but one that I got from Debra...and it ie ready to plantnow too.

The right Front bed extension is really coming along now. We will pick up another load of mulch in the next couple of days.Everything is looking so much better.

However I won't be in the garden the next 48 hours since I had another skin cancer taken off my face today...4 1/2 hours in the surgery chair and four additional times the surgeon had to return and removed additional tissue since the margins weren't clear. At any rate I was told no bending over or stressing the incision due to the possibility of too much additional pressure could tear stitches.

Oh well the next three days will be in the mid-90s so it is just as well. Just a bump in the road.


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